CNC Kit Parts for Retrofit of Router, Plasma, Laser & Other CNC
THC Servo Stepper Motor Ball screw linear rail rack Pinion
pulley timing belt Planetary Gearbox Coupling

What do I need more to build my CNC Controller

Electronic Parts & Software

1- Electronic enclosure ABS, Aluminum or Metal structure as you prefer
2- Copper wires 18  & 22 AWG for internal DC wiring base on the current and voltage
    being held in that connection
3- Copper cable 4 or 8 Wires 18 AWG rated 300V shielded Stepper motor cable
base on the current and voltage being held in that connection
4- You might add stepper motor cable connectors for more flexibility
Mach3 CNC Router, Plasma and Mill controller Click here to buy
6- Instructions and wiring diagram provided with each CNC KIT

  To enquire about the specification & cost to build/retrofit CNC Machine Click here

What do I need more to build my complete CNC Machine

Electronic system Consideration

1- Stepper & Servo motors

Most modern automation machines specially CNC uses stepper or servo system
both Stepper & Servo motor have many types.

Stepper motor is basically a synchronized brushless DC motor, the most popular stepper
motors are the 2 phase bipolar motor & 4 phase Unipolar motor, 3 & 5 phases are less used
in the CNC industry.

Servo motors might be a DC or AC motors, Servo motor brushed or brushless both require
encoder to control the motor shaft and provide feedback on the shaft  position.


Electrical wiring diagram example

Mechanical Consideration

When you select parts to build a CNC Mill, Router Plasma, Lathe or Laser machine you
should consider many mechanical issues

1- Weight & Force

Like estimating gantry or table weight for router, mill, plasma, laser, lathe
The weight is not the only factor you should consider the force which might be the
weight + resistance + gravity, force might have many formulas depending on applications.
In CNC machines consider the cutting material & thickness to determine the force required by XYZ axis.

2- Speed
Travel speed is when machine travelling from point to another without any resistance
caused by physical touch like when spindle engaging/cutting specific materials
In case of CNC Mill or Router, Cutting speed is when the machine engaged with the material
caused by physical touch between the router/spindle and material.
The cutting speed varies from material to another depending on the material hardness/thickness.

Simple Mechanical drawing for CNC router base on Ball screw on XYZ Axis


Mechanical components can be found on the following links

Linear Guide rail

Ball screw

Rack & Pinion

Pulley Reducer

Gearbox reducer & torque maker

Spindle & Inverter

Spindle Collets



Electrical components & CNC Control software can be found on the following links

CNC Stepper Kit

CNC Servo Stepper Kit

CNC Controller

Stepper Motor

Stepper drivers

Servo Motors, driver & encoders

DC Power supplies

Proximity Switch

CNC Control software


CNC Operation Software / Motion controller

CNC Operation Software or CNC Motion Controller are the softwares that control the motion
of a CNC machine, it might be 1 up to 6 axis machine or sometimes more.

CNC stands for Computer Numerical Control like CNC Mill, CNC Router CNC Plasma/Oxyfuel,
CNC boring Machine, CNC Plasma, CNC Lathe, CNC Embroidery machine etc.

Any machine with mechanical movement can become CNC machine and advanced CNC controller
can control 2 or more axis at a time.

Motiontek basically use Mach3 Controller however our CNC product are standard as they can be
used with any step/dir controller available in the market, Mach3 is an open software which allow users
to write their own VB Script code to control CNC machine the way they need it.

Below some examples of Motiontek interface built under Mach3

4 Axis control with rotary, Spindle on/off speed control, cooling control

3 Axis control with XY Axis Edge Finder, XY Axis Center Finder, Z Axis Auto Zero


Global Motion Technology Inc continues to provide affordable CNC machine parts for businesses
hundreds of customers in North America and worldwide built or retrofitted their CNC machines
and many other automation machines using our components.
Our commitment is to provide quality tested parts that work with industrial applications.

Mechanical, electronics parts are available for many automation applications.
Wiring diagrams and instructions for our CNC Stepper kit and CNC Servo DC and AC kit is provided
with each purchase of CNC Kit, Software setup for motors, home/limit switches,relays are provided
with each purchase of CNC operation software for Router, Laser & Plasma machines.

Automation Application are welcome

We programmed many applications like filling machine, 4 axis CNC, Special Automated Laser machine
with conveyor, Packaging machines, retrofitting Mill, Router, Laser & Plasma CNC, We use PC control
and PLC control, We welcome serious automation application inquiries at


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