Mechanical XY Table KIT, XY Stage Positioning Pickup Filling Welding Cutting
CNC Machine, Conveyor Style Available


CNC XY 2/3/4 axis table
XY timing Belt & pulley drive with integrated linear guide system
XY Stepper motor one at each axis with 10 feet cable length & connector
Back transmission shaft to drive Y axis gantry from two sides
Extruded aluminum structure table
Integrated conveyor
Configuration XML File for Mach3 included


XY Working area X 48"/1220mm, Y 48"/1220mm
Gantry Clearance 4"/100mm, Form top of table to bottom of X gantry

XY Max travel Speed 25000mm / Minute
XY Max cutting Speed 1 - 20000mm / Minute
XY resolution 0.01 mm
XY repositioning accuracy 0.05mm with the full working area
X stepper motor 184 oz/in
Y stepper motor 255 oz/in
Additional 2/3 axis CNC control box available but not included
Software programming available but not included

Available in 2 x 2, 4 x 4, 4 x 8 feet XY working area or custom order conveyor style

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