MPM3246 Multi Purpose CNC Milling Machine

CNC Milling Machine

CNC Milling Machine Features

The MPM3246 was developed by Brierley Engineering with high- end Electro Mechanical components, industrial linear square rails and precision C7 class rolled ball screw on the XYZ axis.

It features micro-stepping or Servo motors and the tables and gantry surfaces have been precision ground to meet the highest possible precision.

It is equipped with a 1 HP Spindle motor. The power is transferred through a multi level step pulley system providing the speed and torque required by the user. The spindle speeds and table sizes can be customized to meet your requirements.

The table is divided into two parts, the lower back table with a vise to clamp small parts and the front table for larger parts with either mechanical or vacuum hold-downs.

A mist coolant system and/or water cooling system are also installed on the MPM3246.

The machine was designed to serve metal working users for deep drilling, routing or surface grinding.  
MPM3246 can also be used to process other materials like plastics, wood etc.


MPM3246 CNC Milling Machine Specification

X, Y, Z  Total Working Area

32 X 46 X 8 Standard (Custom sizes made to order)

Front Table  Working Area

32 X 48

Back Table Working Area

32 X 16

Vice  Working Area

24 X 6

X, Y, Z Resolution


X, Y, Z Repeatability


X, Y, Z Transmission System

High Precision double nut Ball Screw XY

X, Y, Z Slide System

High Precision Linear square rail

Electronics Drive System

Micro Stepping Motors 1200 oz/in on all 3 axis XYZ

Maximum Travel Speed

Torque setup 120"/min, Speed setup 240/min

Maximum Working Speed

Torque setup 80"/min, Speed setup 160/min

Machine Command 

Standard G code

Operation software

Mach3 PC Control

Interface to computer


Max power consumption

1.2 KW, 10 Amp at 120VAC Machine controller
0.75 KW for spindle motor

Spindle Power

1HP Motor

Spindle Speed

100-12000 RPM Manual speed Control

Material hold down

Vice or Vacuum

Tool holder type

ER25, R8

Tools included

ER25 & R8
ER25 2 collets
R8 2 collets

Machine frame

Welded Steel table Blanchard Ground

Machine gantry & Z axis

Steel & Aluminum Alloy

Table top

A36 Steel Blanchard Ground 5/8 thick

Input power

1 Phase AC 220V ~ 240V - 50/60Hz

Running Environment

Temperature: 0℃~45
Humidity: 30%

Outer Machine dimension

75" X 72" X 46"

Packing Machine dimension

79" X 76" X 50"

Net Weight

800 KG / 1760 lb

Gross Weight

900 KG / 1980 lb

  Back view Gantry Spindle Motor  
  CNC Mill MPM4632 CNC Mill multi speed head  
  Back Gantry view Spindle & Cooling Vaccum  

Optional items

USB Controller, Spindle software control, Air cooling spindle 5 HP, Mist coolant oil spray, Mist coolant water spray water table, Z axis zero touch plate , Z travel 6 & Gantry clearance 7, Z travel 8 & Gantry clearance 9, Vacuum table multi zones, 4th Axis Rotary, Remote control pad, Touch screen Controller & Arm

Touch plate Z Zero

Remote control Pad

HSD Air-cooling Spindle

Vacuum holder & Vacuum Pump

Touch screen controller

Rotary 4th Axis




Operation Software Motiontek Ver1.2

Specifications are subject to change without prior notice

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