CNC Machine Controller

Available For Servo and Stepper Motors Mach3/4

6 Axis Multi Input/Output DB25 Conversion
to USB Controller 200 KHz Mach3 USB6XDB25
Buy it Now $109

Easy to convert Mach3 software from Parallel to USB Keep your breakoput board
Connect to computer USB plug and play
Works with any 4, 5 axis Breakout board
Same configuration of current Breakout Board
No Extra wiring required
Plugin .dll engine available
Run under windows XP 7 and 10
Package Includes 1 x DB25/USB dongle, USB Cable

3 Axis USB Controller 200 KHz Mach3 MTUSB3X  Buy it Now $255

3 axis USB Breakout board / Controller
Compatible software MACH3
Support Windows 2000/XP/Vista/Windows7
Maximum step-pulse frequency is 200 KHz Servo/Stepper motor
Internal PWM Spindle control 0 ~ 10V
External Spindle control by potentiometerc
Power by USB or external 5V DC power supply
10 high-speed opto-couplers with 10MHz
24 general opto-couplers for isolating all of the input/ output signals
4 Axis Output 8 general outputs 16 general inputs
Package Includes
1 x USB Breakout Board
1 x USB Cable
1 x Controling POT

C82/Smooth Stepper Ethernet Controller 6 Axis
Multi I/O Analog 0-10 Mach3/4
Buy it Now $585
Designed for ESS AND ETHER-MACH motion controller
Built-in PWM-Based Speed Control
Built-in 2 Electromechanical Relays with NO and NC positions for spindle control
System monitorsE-Stop, Safety Charge Pump, VFD and Driver Fault
Discrete Inputs and Outputs can be using with +5vdc TTL logic or 10-30vdc Logic.
Electromechanical Relay with NO and NC positions for general purpose
Port_2 16 or 17, jumper-selectable
Microcontroller based SCHP.
Optoisolated inputs.Can be powered with a voltage between +10 and +30VDC
Status LEDs on all input and Output connections
DIN Rail mountable.

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