CNC Machine Main parts KIT

KITs for CNC Router, Plasma and other Custom CNC Machines
CNC Plasma & Router Machine main parts
CNC Plasma kit available in
Plasma XY working table
All Z Axis
travel is 4 inch
Price CAD Canada
2x2 foot / 600x600 mm working table No THC included $2400 $195 $215
2x3 foot / 600x900 mm working table No THC included $2700 $215 $235
4x4 foot / 1200x1200 mm working table No THC included $3700 $245 $295
4x8 foot / 1200x2400 mm working table No THC included $4600 Call Call
5x10 foot / 1600x3100 mm working table No THC included $4900 Call Call
6x12.5 foot / 2000x3800 mm working table No THC included $5500 Call Call
Add THC Torch Height control Capacitive sensor $655    
Add THC Actuator with metal touch control - Floating head $296    
Add THC mechanical touch control - Floating head $165    
Add Porter cable router 3.25 HP and Braket (For CNC Router) $780    
Add 3 pulley reducers Sets, ratio 3:1 Including 2 pulleys 60/20 Teeth, Belt, Support unit double bearing & Shaft ( Recommended for CNC Router) $502    

CNC Plasma kit Features

1- CNC 3 axis kit 4 motors
2- Mach3 software with XML configuration file
3- Mechanical components, See above picture
4- Gantry driven from two sides for extra stability
5- Industrial CNC Components
6- Wiring for electronic parts and basic plan for Mechanics

What do you get with each kit

1- CNC 4 Motors Kit Nema23 size varies, Drivers, Power supplies, Breakout board & home sensor
2- Industrial round rails for 3 axis XYYZ
3- Industrial ball screw, support units & coupling for Z axis
4- Industrial Rack & pinion for 2 axis XYY
5- Cable Carrier for XY
6- Mach3 software license (Not Included $220) & XML configuration file (included)

Technical support

1- Wiring instructions for 3 axis XYYZ 4 motors
2- Wiring instructions for THC and sensor board
3- Basic Plan drawing for Mechanics
4- XML configuration file for Mach3
5- 60 days technical support by email

More about each components check these links below

Linear Square rail for X axis
Round Rail
for 2 axis YYZ
Ball screw
for Z axis
Rack & Pinion
for 2 axis XYY
CNC Plasma cutter KIT
for 3 axis 4 motors XYYZ
CNC Plasma Torch Height Control for Z axis
Mach3 CNC Plasma cutter
Operation Software

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