One Single Axis Standalone Controller

For Rotary, Linear Motion actuator or other single axis Control

Features and Specifications

- Single axis variety of complex operation:
  positioning control and non-positioning control
- Maximum output frequency: 40KHz
- Output frequency resolution: 1Hz
- Programmable maximum number of rows: 99
- 9 I/O 6 input, 3 output (optically isolated)
- Operating state: Auto-run mode, manual operation
  program edit mode, parameter setting status
- Display digits: 8 digital display, manual / automatic
  status display, run / stop status display, the number
  of steps / counts / procedures display, edit the
  program, parameter display, input / output status
  display, pulse and direction display
- Autorun feature: edit, control start and stop
  automatically. run through the panel buttons
  processing and other operations at the terminal level
- Manual operation functions: position adjustments
  (manual jog speed or steps can be set)
- Parameter setting function: Starting frequency
  acceleration and deceleration curve, reverse
  clearance, manually run length, manual speed
  back to zero speed and interrupt jump the
  line all can be set
- Editing functions: insert, delete, modify the program.
- Return to Zero features: It can be from the positive
  and negative directions, auto return to zero
- Outside the operating functions: interrupt
  operation through parameter setting and switch
   connected to the terminals A and B
- Power supply 24VDC
- Mechanical dimension 4.2 x 4.2 x 4.1 inches

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One Single axis automated rotary controller
 Control Action, Speed, Timing, input, output.

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One Single axis automated Linear actuator motion controller
Control Action, Speed, Timing, input, output.
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