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Delta AC Servo 100W,200W,400W,750W,1000W,1500W,2000W & 3000W 3 Axis CNC KIT
AC Servo Kit including only (Motor, Encoder & Driver click on drop down box for detail)  (In Stock)
Add-on Parts (Cables, Breakout boards, Limit Switches etc. to AC Servo Kit Accessories  (In Stock)
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On Site retrofit for any CNC machine 1 ~ 5 axis CNC Router, Mill, Lathe, Plasma, Laser, Boring, tapping & Drilling machine
We do also custom CNC Filling , Packaging machines or depending on your application with PC control & PLC control
We guarantee CNC Machine will run newer, faster & more reliable, with high end AC servo motors & windows base CNC control software, 1 year technical support & limited warranty with each kit or CNC retrofit

Note This is a general configuration KIT for CNC MILL & Router
Other CNC machines like Laser Plasma Lathe & other purpose machine might need more or less parts

1) Delta AC Servo Motor Brushless, 3 phase, 220V, 3000 RPM  x 3
     High-resolution encoder 17-bit (160,000 p/rev)
2) Delta AC Driver 1 phase 220V  x 3
    Motor & drivers are tuned and configured to customer requirements.
Position Control Mode, Speed Control Mode, Torque Control Mode
    Input control signal Line driver & Open-collector
    Electronic gear ratio to meet the requirements for different controller

3) Encoder cable 5 Meters x 3
4) Power cable 5 Meters x 3
5) Signal Connector x 3
    Plug and play cables made very easy to build your controller See video below
6) USB Controller 3 axis, multiple inputs & outputs, 0 ~ 10 V VFD control
    Configuration XML file for USB controller under Mach3
    Controlled also by most CNC software, PLC and dedicated control systems

7) Inductive proximity sensor for home & limit NO x 3
    Capacitive & Mechanical sensor are optional
8) Power Switch 30 Amp x 1
9) Push button Stop switch x 1
10) Large size fan 12 x 12 inch 24V DC x 1
11) Power supply output 24VDC x 1
12) Mach3 Software with Motiontek easy interface
13) Wiring diagram, instructions & Technical support

Basic Wiring
Watch Video Here

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