Torch Height Control

For CNC Plasma Machine Automatic THC Works Indepent with any CNC Software

THCSAC200 Capacitive THC
PDF Download THCSAC200 .PDF

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1) Stand alone controller for THC/OHC completely independent from CNC computer software
2) closed-loop control system, DC motor driven with pulse width modulation
3) Signal processed at 4 stages Position Signal Sensing, Signal Process, Logic Control, Motor Drive
4) Analog signal processed by stand alone controller circuit to Logic Control circuit,Motor Driver circuit
5) Sensing signal generated by capacitive sensor
6) Insulated Sensor ring which is sense the height between torch and metal working piece
7) Circuit-broken protection on Auto Mode torch will lift up automatically in case HF cable disconnected, open circuit, short circuit rotecting the torch from diving into the work peice
8) Enclosure designed for waterproof, dustproof, shock proof.
9) Circuit-protection design greatly improved the ability of anti-jamming, voltage surge, harmonic wave, pressure sensitive circuit protection, over voltage protection, self-recovery circuit
10) External user height setting and internal adjustable resistor for over height
11) Hook up fixture, insulated ring sensor handle, ring sensor, HF cable & connectors 12) Works with both CNC Plasma/OXY-Fuel machines

1) Power Supply AC24V+10%,50Hz/60H z
2) Motor driving output current:1A-4A
3) Working temperature 10 ~ 60
4) High frequency coaxial-cable:-10 ~ 200
5) Height accuracy:�0.2mm
6) Adjustment range within accuracy from the surface of the working piece 1mm~20mm
7) Max output power 100W
8) Length of HF-cable 200mm ~ 1000m max
9) controller dimension Length x Width x Height 200mm x 104mm x 50mm


ACS32 THC Anti-collision Holder/Sensor

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Features and Specs:
The Anti Crashing Sensor is made from aluminum alloy It can hold most standard plasma torch
The inner plastic holder is 32mm width but can be bored up to 50mm to hold other wider torch.
In case of Torch crash the upper part that holding the torch bends with the torch but still held with 3 springs, this will allow one or the two sensors to fire back a signal to CNC Controller.
Proximity sensors NO/NC 10 ~ 36 VDC
Dimensions: L*W*H: 275*118*100 mm
Inner hole of cutting torch: 32mm
Height of installation location: 76mm  

TL100 THC Lifter Actuator with Gear
DC motor and Torch Holder
PDF Download TL100.PDF
Buy it Now  $296.00
1-DC Motor and Gearbox
2-Lead screw drive and nut
3-Round linear guide
4-Standard torch holder
5-Limit switches 3, 2 for Limit and 1 for touch control 6-Switch connector (see wiring below)
7-4" Travel
THC Power Transformer 110 to 24 VAC Buy it Now  $58.00
Specification: Power transformer
1-Dimensions 4.5" W x 3" H x 2.5" D
2-Frequency 60 Hz
3-Lead Length 6"
4-Mounting Hole Size 4"
5-Primary Voltage 115 VAC, 1 Phase
6-Secondary Current 4 A
7-Secondary Voltage 24 VAC

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